P17345: Deployable Noise Meter

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase


For this phase we plan to get the board back from the manufacturer and build it. We also plan on doing some initial testing with the board depending on when the board gets back. As for the camera portion we want to get the the camera and raspberry pi talking together. We will track our problems using the problem tracking chart.


This phase saw many issues. The most critical was the op-amp was not properly hooked up correctly. This caused the board not to function as desired. Another issue is that manufacturer of the PCB did not drill the correct size holes for the audio jack. There were also some minor issues that were mainly resistors and capacitors not being ordered. However after reviewing our problems we have come up with solutions. We also were able to get the camera and the raspberry pi communicating.

Test Results Summary

Problem Tracking

Risk Assemessment

Plans for next phase

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