P17346: Reimagine the Infinity Statue

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

Entering the final phase of Multi-Disciplinary Senior Design our team completed the prototype. The system runs as expected, spinning at a low RPM. In addition, our torque limiter allows for slip should excess torque be applied. With ImagineRIT in the books, we feel that we successfully completed the original vision of the project.

Updated Gantt Chart

LAST Gantt Chart

Test Results Summary

In order to produce a system with a lower maintenance load, a control system is used to monitor the condition of the system, determine if there is an error, alert maintenance that there is an issue and switch motors to maintain operation. To achieve this, a TI MSP432P401R microcontroller is used to interpret sensor data, control motor power and if necessary alert maintenance. Hall effect Sensors and thermocouples will be used in the final design. The hall effect sensors will measure the rotational speed at three points in the system to ensure rotation, while the thermocouples will measure the temperature of the motors to monitor their health.

Servo output chart

Sensor output chart

Torque limiter calc chart

Risk and Problem Tracking

Last Risk Chart

Final Build Problem Tracking

Final Project Documentation

P17346 Technical Paper

P17346 ImagineRIT Poster

P17346 Full Scale Design BOM

Functional Demo Materials

This includes the statue as a whole (including the rotating top piece), both gearboxes with waterproofing and full electrical wiring, and a functional torque limiter.

Plans for Wrap-up

The prototype, as well as the full assembly and maintenance package and bill of materials for the final design, will be handed off to the customer. Closing remarks and final comments and suggestions will also be provided.

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