P17346: Reimagine the Infinity Statue

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

MSDII Third Phase Summary:

MSD 2 Integrated System Build and Test phase was another Construction Phase for our project. Due to the 2nd design required for the prototype, additional time was allotted before testing could start.

Despite a lack of formalized testing done so far, a substantial amount of actual construction was completed in the last few weeks.


Gearbox 1: Waterproofing pieces

Shaft: Complete spring system

Statue: Supports cut to length and angle, top cut, two sides assembled

part pic

Below is a Gantt Chart that reflects the current process, and the plan as it stands moving forward.

Gantt Chart

Test Results Summary

Our major tests will come when the torque limiter is finished, and when the microcontroller is completely integrated. As of now initial coding has begun and some progress is being made. The first steps were to familiarize ourselves with the limits and capabilities of the program itself and begin building a suitable code for our needs.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risks for Phase 3
Subsystem Build Problem Tracking

Functional Demo Materials

This includes the pieces that we have assembled to date, including the gearbox shaft, and statue.

Plans for next phase

Testing can begin in the next phase. With the assemblies that we have made and that will be completed shortly provide enough for us to begin collecting real data and create tangible results. Check the Gantt chart for the schedule of these tests.

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