P17346: Reimagine the Infinity Statue

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

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Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer

Current Progress

Entering the fourth phase our team completed construction of the statue base, as well as the second gearbox and electrical system. The system now runs as expected, spinning at a low RPM. In addition, our torque limiter allows for slip should excess torque be applied. With only a few weeks until ImagineRIT, we feel that we will be ready for a full presentation with no issues.

Work to be Done

All that remains with the statue itself is to apply aesthetic items to its base and supports, as well as the piece on top that will act as the Mobius strip.

Updated Gantt Chart

Last Gantt Chart

Test Results Summary

Torque Limiter

Procedure: The Shaft was set to each slot, where testing was done 5 times each in order to acquire enough data points. The top of the shaft was held stationary, while at 6" away from center a spring scale was used to measure force. This simulates the top shaft getting stuck, by a ladder, person ect. The spring scale was pulled perpendicular to the shaft it was on, so that we could easily calculate the torque at slipping, by multiplying Force times Distance.

Torque Limiter Test Setup

Torque Limiter Test Setup

Results & Analysis: At Slot 5 our average torque at slipping is 4.8in-lbs, this is under our limit for the servo, and high enough where there should be no accidental slipping. This low value of torque required for slipping is also good for demonstration purposes, kids will be able engage the torque limiter.

Torque Limiter Test Data

Torque Limiter Test Data

Servo Speed Testing

this test was conducted at various input signals with the servo operating under unloaded conditions, with a 5 volt input voltage.

Servo test data

Servo test data

Risk and Problem Tracking

Last Risk Chart

Final Build Problem Tracking

Functional Demo Materials

This includes the statue as a whole, both gearboxes with full electrical wiring, and a functional torque limiter.

Plans for next phase

We will being applying wallpaper to the statue's sides, as well as paint to the base and shaft. Also an item to fasten the top of the main shaft to act as the Mobius strip.

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