P17346: Reimagine the Infinity Statue

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

MSDII Second Phase Summary:

MSD 2 Subsystem Build and Test phase was more of a Finalize Design and Start Construction Phase for our project. Due to the 2nd design required for the prototype, additional time was allotted before construction and testing could start.

Despite a lack of formalized testing done so far, a substantial amount of actual construction was completed in the last few weeks.


Gearbox 1: Exterior Acrylic Shell, Worm Shaft Pillow block, Partial Worm shaft Main Shaft: Wooden Flanges, Partial Spring Compression system Main Support: L-Support Cut Statue: Three Sides Cut

Below is a Gantt Chart that reflects the current process, and the plan as it stands moving forward.

Gantt Chart

Test Plans and Results

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risks for Phase 2
Subsystem Build Problem Tracking

Functional Demo Materials


During the subsystem build & test phase we successfully 3D printed all gears needed for our project. The gears were printed in the AMPrint Center, a new research lab at RIT. The gears were printed using a Form2 stereo-lithography 3D printer for high definition and accuracy. This printer is used to build up the required structure, layer by layer, from a liquid polymer that hardens on contact with laser light. After the build process was done the gears were placed under a UV post-cure, a process used after printing to optimize the strength of parts because it depends on light and heat. Post-curing enables parts to reach the highest possible strength and become more stable to increase mechanical properties. Unfortunately, the wheel gears warped over time and were no longer suitable for our project. Therefore, we had to restart printing using nylon which is a tougher material with less definition.
Printed Gears


Shaft is nearly complete, testing for hard numbers for the torque limiter will come next week.

Plans for Next Phase

We are near the completion of Gearbox 1, the Support and the Main Shaft. This is a critical part of our project as we are on the verge of being able to test functionality. With sub-assemblies coming together, testing will be able to begin shortly. Check the Gantt chart for a list of desired tests and their projected scheduling.

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