P17347: Active Noise Cancellation

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

Software State

The current state of the software being developed has been blocked by a need to refactor the underlying optimization library. Currently the provided library was not developed for use outside of the original use case. The structure of the code in conjunction with a limited domain understanding has prevented quick refactoring of the code.

The code was developed for use with a GUI and was hard coded for such use. Due to the programmatic nature of the project the GUI is not needed, but in order to remove the interface a large portion of the code needs to be refactored. This refactoring is not required for functionality but designing new code to match improperly structured code will result in even more complex refactoring in the future.

Moving Forward

There are two possible options for proceding forward. The current code has proved to be too complex for a quick fix. This complexity in conjunction with a limited domain understanding has resulted in a large roadblock in the projects development.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Assessment

Problem Tracking

Plans for next phase

Next steps as team:

Individualized steps:

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