P17363: Player Piano

Detailed Design

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Progress Report

For this phase we want to construct a Beta prototype with five keys demonstrating ability to play a simple song and chord abilities while providing test plans for all engineering requirements when the final version is built.

Individual Goals for next phase update on completion:

public/Detailed Design Documents/Final Schedule.PNG

For the Detailed Design Review, we plan to have a Beta prototype with 5 working solenoids secured to the board and be able to automate play of a short song and a chord. The song will be uploaded to the song database and be parsed from a MIDI file. This prototype is a proof of concept that multiple solenoids can be synced up to play together.

We have finalized which solenoid will be used in the design and have purchased 5 total. Also, we plan to have our full design modeled and ready to build by the Detailed Design Review.

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

The JF-0826B is the larger solenoid which is the final part to be used in the Beta prototype. It was chosen for its linear relationship increasing sound output as voltage is increased.

public/Detailed Design Documents/Voltage Vs Decibel Chart.PNG

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

The most recently updated electrical schematic for the prototype. Built to function almost identically to the final product.

public/Detailed Design Documents/Detailed Design Reveiw Schematic.PNG
The most recently updated plunger cap design for the solenoid. The new design will reduce tension variation in the cable and be properly tensioned with a tuning screw.
public/Detailed Design Documents/cap front.PNG public/Detailed Design Documents/cap back.PNG

The most recently updated bell crank is to be a full 360 degree wheel so that the wire can rotate around without displacing wheel rotation or having the wire secured to the wheel.
The asymmetry of the wheel is so one side can be flat and print better. The design will most likely be altered slightly in the next phase to adjust for this unexpected result. However, the wheel works just fine and therefore will work for the prototype.
public/Detailed Design Documents/CAD/Solenoid/wheel front.PNG public/Detailed Design Documents/CAD/Solenoid/wheel side view.PNG

public/Detailed Design Documents/notenumbers.jpg public/Detailed Design Documents/midinote.PNG

Engineering Requirements

Risks Table

Highest risk item is still mechanical design limited ability of electrical and computer components. This risk is being mitigated through design of components to return to starting position by gravity to mimic piano functionality before system implemented. Risk 23 is the newest risk and we can mitigate it by purchasing specialized, but still commercially available parts. Using these parts intended to drive solenoids will completely mitigate this risk.

Bill of Material (BOM)

We are currently on budget, having used $302 of our $500 budget on prototyping and materials on the BOM for the final product. This room will ensure the groups ability to tackle challenges and explore additional functionality.

Test Plans

Design and Flowcharts

Code Flowchart

In order to better visualize what the code for the uControllers (MSP432) will be doing a flowchart was constructed. This will provide a visual representation of the high level code functions. Two flowcharts were constructed. The initial flowchart (Left) represents the initial plan to stream the song information in real time. The current plan is to follow the right flowchart, which will preload the song's entire information and follow a system clock to playback the song.

public/Detailed Design Documents/Code_Flowchart_1_0.png public/Detailed Design Documents/Code_Flowchart_2_0.png

Wiring Harness

Front of wire harness

Back of wire harness

Power Control Board

Final Schematic Design

This is the electrical design of the piano playing system simplified to not show all 10 thermistors and 24 solenoids

Design Review Prototype

Plans for next phase

Start of the Semester Plan

This is a detailed plan of the first 5 weeks of the semester that we will be following.

Spring Semester Overall Plan

After 5 weeks our plan with adjust to make sure we stay on track for the overall schedule

Imagine RIT Plan

Week 5 of MSDII Demonstration Plan

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