P17363: Player Piano

Integrated System Build & Test

Table of Contents

Schedule Moving into Phase


Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Planned to Complete:


System Assembly Schematic, Simplified

public/MSD2 Documents/ISBT Schem.JPG

Risk and Problem Tracking

public/MSD2 Documents/ISBT Critical Probs.JPG

public/MSD2 Documents/ISBT Major Probs.JPG

public/MSD2 Documents/ISBT Ordinary Probs.JPG Problem Tracker

public/MSD2 Documents/ISBT Risks.JPG. Risks

Customer Requirements Update

public/MSD2 Documents/ISBT Customer Requirements.JPG Customer Requirements

Budget Exhaustion Analysis

public/MSD2 Documents/ISBT Item List.JPG

1. 36V Power Supply- The team worked to make the previous teams 48V power supply work with our design, but unfortunately such high voltage routinely destroyed components in the electrical actuation system (particularly the MOSFETs).

2. 24V Solenoids- These solenoids were used in our proof of concept design in senior design 1. They are on this list because the cost to order them quickly through Amazon is 4 times as high as the cost per solenoid that the team would spend purchasing all 24 solenoids.

3. 24V Solenoid- This solenoid was one of the first ones the team purchased for R&D, it cost the team 3 times the cost per unit of the ones used in the final design.

4. 24V Small Solenoid- This solenoid was tested but found to be too small to be able to pull a piano key effectively.

Mechanical Updates

Plunger Cap Re-Design per Customer Request

public/MSD2 Documents/Plunger.JPG

Installation Procedure

Potential Mounting Method for Future Teams

public/MSD2 Documents/BoardMount1.JPG

Functional Demo Materials

Transmitting from high-level controller

Transmission Protocol

Low-Level note playback

public/Photo Gallery/piano note playback.png


Plans for next phase

Working demo by next review able to play a song from Ras Pi to piano fully integrating the mechanical, electrical, and computer systems.

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