P17363: Player Piano

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

Table of Contents

Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer

Planned to Complete:


Updated Schedule


Updated Full System Cost Estimation

public/MSD2 Documents/CISBT BOM.JPG

Imagine RIT Poster Draft


Test Results Summary

Setbacks in system integration have delayed testing reflected in the schedule.

Electrical Setbacks/Limitations

Mechanical Setbacks

public/MSD2 Documents/Deflection no support.JPG

public/MSD2 Documents/Deflection with supports.JPG

Electrical Design Improvements

public/MSD2 Documents/PCB Schematic.JPG

public/MSD2 Documents/PCB Render.JPG

PCB Bill of Materials

public/MSD2 Documents/PCB BOM.JPG

Problem Tracking

Problem Tracker

Plans for next phase

individual 3-week plan template for this)

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