P17419: Vermicompost Bin

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

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Your website should document your journey through MSD, so include work-in-progress as well as latest results. Use pdf's for display whenever possible so that information is easily viewable without the need to download files and open applications. (Your EDGE file repository should still contain original editable files).

All template text must be removed prior to your System-Level Demo with Customer

Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer

What did your team plan to do during this phase?

What did your team actually accomplish during this phase?


With the completion of the box, the main testing left was to make sure the grater grated the soil that we have in the box. Using the mechanism, we stroke 2 inches to the right and 2 to the left, completing "one full stroke." After that, we collected the dirt and got approximately one handful of dirt per stroke.
 Grating Application

Grating Application

 Grating Results

Grating Results

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management Risk Management.
Risk Management

Risk Management

Plans for next phase

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