P17421: Robocomposter 2.0

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase


Test Plan Summary

Motor Current

The stall current of the DC motors needed to be determined in order to purchase proper circuit breakers. In order to achieve this one of the three motors was stalled at a low voltage. The voltage and amperage obtained was plugged into the following equation.

Operating Stall Current = Operating DC voltage x Measured Stall Current / Measured Stall Voltage

With a measured stall current of 2.3A at 1.2V and an operating voltage of 12V, this produces a stall current of approximately 23A. Using this value it was determined that two 15A circuit breakers were needed for the two auger motors and one 20A circuit breaker for the grinder motor.

After discovering the maximal current on the motors the following chart was used to find the appropriate gauge wire for the motors. Using the graph, the current of the motors (20A), and assuming that the length of the wire will be ~2 feet, a 14 gauge wire was deemed appropriate.

Standard Wire Gauge Chart

Standard Wire Gauge Chart

Grinder Quality

The grinder is on of the main subsystems in the Robocomposter. To achieve high grind quality and assurance of throughput a test procedure must be developed. The following document provides a detailed performance evaluation of the grinder. Grinder Test Procedure

GUI (RPI) Functionality

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) will need to be tested on functionality. To be able to, when used, control every subsystem in the Robocomposter is based off of the Raspberry Pi, which is where the GUI will be held. This however is planned during the latest stages of testing; when the Robocomposter is built. The test procedures are as follows. GUI RPI Test Procedure

Auger Functionality

The Augers will be moving various materials through the Robocomposter. To test this thoroughly one must use a matrix of different materials that are the result of the grinding process. Different loads will be input to give how much the augers can move and during testing motor current will be watched for safe current pull. The test will follow as shown in this document. Auger Test Procedure

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management here

Design Review Materials

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