P17433: Plastic Bottle Upcycling

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

All final essential documents can be found in the following directory: Final Documents

Summarize: Since the last phase, our team's goal was to get our shredder functioning and finish as many tests as possible. We worked closely with the machine shop to make extensive modifications to our shredder to allow it to function properly. We added a thicker, more durable rod through the top and bottom of the shredding wall. We also spent time refining and sharpening out blades. We were focused on cleaning up and preparing the system for imagine and making sure it was as effective as possible for our exhibit.

Test Results Summary

During the last few days since our shredder began functioning more properly, all completed test plans can be found in the following folder:

Test Results Folder

Risk and Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

Risk Management

Final Project Documentation

Our team's technical paper can be found here.

Our teams's final poster can be found here here.

All of our finalized documents including our Designs and BOM can be found here

Plans for Wrap-up

We wish to verify any remaining tests possible and refine all of our documents to make the transition easier for the next group. We are working on putting together a binder with all pertinent information to accompany the EDGE site to make sure future groups posses all necessary information for proceeding with this project. We will also be drafting up a project summary page for future iterations including aspects about what we think would be useful and other suggestions and recommendations.

The following are links to our individual Final Plans :
David Swerzenski Final Plans.
Evan Oslakovich Final Plans.
Michael Kist Final Plans.

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