P17433: Plastic Bottle Upcycling

Planning & Execution

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Project Management

Team Setup

Based on our given backgrounds and various discussions we have developed the following team roles and responsibilities. These will continue to change as our roles develop throughout MSD I and II.
David Swerzenski - Team Facilitator
Michael Kist - Project Management
Evan Oslakovich - Lead Engineer
Mohd Afifi Ishak - Industrial Designer

Team Values and Norms

The following is a brief summary of the Values and Norms the team agreed upon. These are still a work in progress and will be refined as we finalize our group.
  1. Punctuality - All members should consistently attend scheduled meetings. Any issues should be communicated within a reasonable time frame prior to the meeting.
  2. Feedback - Teammates should feel comfortable delivering and receiving honest and constructive feedback.
  3. Preparation - All members should complete tasks they are assigned. Come prepared to meetings.
  4. Escalation - When team members are struggling to complete a task they should feel comfortable contacting team members for assistance. Escalate issues as soon as they occur to reduce the negative impact on the project.
  5. Communication - Discussion between group members and customers should be transparent.
Value Expectations
  • Attend All meetings
  • Notify promptly if you will be late or absent from an upcoming meeting
  • Stay for the entirety or majority of the meeting
  • Be active in all meetings
  • Be able to deliver quality constructive feedback on group performance
  • Be receptive to constructive feedback and strive to improve
  • Keep feedback honest, but respectful
  • Frequently evaluate your own performance and be self aware of your strengths and limitations
  • All member should be prepared for meetings
  • All expected work should be completed prior to meetings, not during
  • Work is expected to be of high quality
  • Material delivered should be of your own honest work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • As issues arise, they should be communicated with the group immediately
  • Issues that can not be handled internally should be discussed with our faculty advisor
  • If a task cannot be completed alone, the member should vocalize their need for assistance. Judgement will not be passed on team members who need assistance.
  • Issues should be dealt with by every member of the team with complete transparency and honesty
  • Members need to update each other as tasks are completed
  • Communication should be clear and concise
  • Any communication with the customer should be shared with all group members
  • Team member should be flexible regarding any potential communication issues
Unlisted Values
  • As team values reveal themselves, it is the responsibility of the group to document issues and update these Norms and Values continuously. When problems occur, they should be a learning experience and proper documentation may help prevent them from reoccurring.

Project Plans & Schedules

First Iteration of Project Plan

First Iteration of Project Plan

The Project will be a live document as deadlines change. A link to the current document is present here.

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

First Iteration of Risk Assessment

First Iteration of Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment will be a live document as we realize new potential problems. A link to the current document is present here.


Our Primary points of contact for this project are the 4 Walls Project of Rochester for Nicaragua and Erinold Frederick for Haiti. David will be our primary leader on communication with 4 Walls via email and we will work with Sarah to communicate with Erinold via Skype.

As a teem, we meet outside of class weekly to discuss project deliverables, progress, and planning. We communicate through Email and a Google drive for document sharing and through a group text for fast notifications and updates. Team Members are each responsible for keeping up with communication regarding project progress.

Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

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