P17453: Dresser-Rand Valve Test Bench

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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April 18th - May 11th, 2017

Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

As the project comes to an end, we are collectively focusing on tying loose ends, confirming the complete satisfaction of customer requirements, and creating additional documentation to accurately characterize our design and build process as well as provide as much information as possible to reference for future use and development of the system.

For this phase we hope to produce a complete and self explanatory system with all necessary documentation to allow our customer to successfully use and develop our system in the future.

Test Results Summary

At this point, all testing has been completed to the satisfaction of the customer and engineering requirements. We have made additional strides in developing the analysis of vibration data produced by our test rig. We have also spent time improving the longevity, organization, and appearance of the system itself while providing documentation to unambiguously detail the setup, service, and usage of the system.

Further testing has been completed using machined poppet valves which simulate the effects of wear over time in normal use. This data has also been run through a Spectrogram plotting Matlab code using short term fast Fourier transforms to compare vibration frequencies form one set of poppets to another.

Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking: Revision L

Problem Tracking: Revision L

For a working document click here.

Final Project Documentation

Final drawings, the Imagine RIT poster, and the technical paper can be found here.

Out of a $2,000 budget, the team had a surplus of $1,041.74. The final Bill of Materials can be found here.


Signal Express Files

Sample Data

Pressure, Accelerometer, and FFT Data Example

Pressure, Accelerometer, and FFT Data Example

Some sample data from the test rig can be found here.

Functional Demo Materials

A presentation of the Customer Handoff & Final Documentation/Final Gate Review can be found here.

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