P17483: Solar Transpired Collector Crop Dryer

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

In commencing the building and testing phase, group P17483 has identified testing plans for individual subsystems. Due to the nature of the solar crop dryer, for the most useful results, the subsystems need to be assembled and functioning together. As the assembly of each system will take different lengths of time as shown in P17483’s MSD 2 Schedule, intermediary subsystem tests have been developed to gain useful information for design adjustments and system integration tips.

Test Plan Summary

MSD 2 Living Test Plan Document

MSD 2 Living Test Plan Document

P17483 has designed a temporary enclosure for one third of the tray packs out of cardboard. The intention of this test is to imitate the chamber and the warm air flow through the chimney of the actual system. This test was conducted using an air compressor and heater in the Dr. Steven’s laboratory. The following information highlights the construction, assembly, test preparation, and results of the tray pack testing.

Risk and Problem Tracking

*Our collective MSD 1 and MSD 2 Risk Assessment Document can be found here: Risk Management The group reviewed prior MSD 1 risks and reevaluated the severity and importance.
Tray Testing Phase Risks

Tray Testing Phase Risks

Design Review Materials

Meeting Minutes

Weekly Team Meeting Notes:

Plans for next phase

Individual 3-Week Plans






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