P17483: Solar Transpired Collector Crop Dryer

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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This final Customer Handoff and Documentation Phase concludes the second semester of Multidisciplinary Senior Design. The customer Handoff meeting with Dr. Rob Stevens resulted in discussion of final data results, list of handover documents, handover setup for field testing, and plans for deconstruction of the apparatus. Action items were assigned to individual team members for wrapping up all final items. Additionally, this phase includes final analysis of Engineering Requirements with their respective metrics, and as well as final reduction of our risks. In this phase we were able to display our design and product at Imagine RIT.

Test Results Summary

Engineering Requirement Analysis

Engineering Requirement Analysis

Engineering Requirement Analysis

Engineering Requirement Analysis

Engineering Requirement Analysis

Engineering Requirement Analysis

Risk and Problem Tracking

Our finalized risk document shows all of our identified risks from the entire 2 semesters. The risks that are still pertinent to the project remain with Severity and Likelihood listed. Otherwise most other risks were reduced to 0. Here is a snapshot of the risks that the team believes are still pertinent to future work on this project:
Risks to Continue giving Consideration

Risks to Continue giving Consideration

The following are some further recommendations and mitigation for the given risks based on our experience with testing and construction of the device.

Eliminate need to glue together the corrugated sheets as they cause interference issues with the inside of the chamber. Air leaks out this way.

Identify where materials may not be necessary. Can reduce the amount of wood needed in design, backs of collectors can use the landscaping tarp instead of the metal. (This is helpful just for testing reconstruction.)

Revert back to the window screen, maintain a regular tray cleaning routine

Final Project Documentation

Below are the final versions and documents that are important for Customer Handover. Additionally, final data results are added for those interested in the data analysis.

  1. Final Bill of Materials
  2. Assembly Instructions
  3. Construction Instructions
  4. Finalized Reduced Risks
  5. Final Engineering Requirements Analysis
  6. Technical Paper
  7. P17483 Poster

Plans for Wrap-up and Future Recommendations

At the conclusion of the semester, the main outstanding point of this project is the need for more testing. Given the weather dependency of testing, the team was not able to run as many full tests (lasting 10+ hours, including setup time) as originally planned. This means the team was not able to troubleshoot potential design problems as thoroughly as ideal.

If the project timeline was given an additional 3 to 4 weeks, most of this time would be spent running the full dryer system outdoors to collect data on potential setup modifications and then non-ideal conditions to evaluate the system effectiveness. All testing that was performed has given the team confidence that the dryer will perform within specifications if used in the future.

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