P17483: Solar Transpired Collector Crop Dryer

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Setup

Member Major Contact
Catherine Evans Mechanical Engineer cce2302@rit.edu
Kelsey Clements Industrial Engineer kac2903@rit.edu
Kaleigh Sweeney Industrial Engineer kes9107@rit.edu
Matthew Hossack Mechanical Engineer mxh3328@rit.edu
Louie Kline Mechanical Engineer ltk9118@rit.edu

Team Support

  1. Team Guide: John Kaemmerlen
  2. Subject Matter Experts:

Team Operations

The team meets on Tuesday and Thursday every week during the three hour MSD class periods. During this time, the team provides updates on progress and checks in with the team guide, John Kaemmerlen. The team also meets outside of class to work on deliverables as needed.

At the start of the project, the team outlined Values and Norms. These are personal traits and values that the team identified as being critical to the success of the project. After each design review, the team conducts peer evaluations in order to assess each person’s performance against the values and norms. Results of the peer evaluations are only shared with the individual and are intended to recognize a person’s strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Project Plans & Schedules

(Gantt Chart)
Gantt Chart Part 1

Gantt Chart Part 1

Gantt Chart Part 2

Gantt Chart Part 2

Gantt Chart Part 3

Gantt Chart Part 3

Gantt Chart Part 4

Gantt Chart Part 4

MSD 2 Schedule

MSD 2 Schedule

Risk Assessment

The working Risk Management document can be found here: Risk Management

Other Team Resources

Meeting Minutes


Weekly Team Meeting Notes:

Problem Definition Review:

Systems Design Review:

Preliminary Detailed Design Review


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