P17483: Solar Transpired Collector Crop Dryer

Preliminary Detailed Design

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Team Vision for Preliminary Detailed Design Phase

During this phase, the team plan is to meet with our customer to get further clarification on the design of the solar crop dryer. With a confirmed direction, sketches and a designed model are created based on collection of information from cutting up bananas. With the preliminary dimensions, and selected mass of bananas, the initial parameters are set into the MatLab model. Drying potential is recorded from different sets of parameters, and if time allows a design of experiments will be used to find ideal parameters given the selected dimensions. A CAD model of the collector, dryer, and chimney will be created to illustrate all subsystems together.

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

The first plot shows the first day drying predictions for the proposed dryer design. The simulation of the second day was run using the moisture content of each tray (at the final day time step) as the starting moisture content for the second day.

public/Photo Gallery/Matlab22.JPG
public/Photo Gallery/Matlab19.JPG
public/Photo Gallery/Datatable.JPG

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

public/Photo Gallery/TrayConcept.JPG
public/Photo Gallery/Tray.jpg
public/Photo Gallery/South.jpg
public/Photo Gallery/East.jpg
public/Photo Gallery/North.jpg

Bill of Material (BOM)

public/Photo Gallery/BOM.JPG

The materials included in this table are for materials purchased in the United States. Research is in the process for material acquisition costs in Haiti.

Test Plans


public/Photo Gallery/schematic.JPG
public/Photo Gallery/ER.JPG
public/Photo Gallery/ER1.JPG

Risk Assessment

public/Photo Gallery/Risk3.JPG

The following risk was revisited from the Problem Definition Phase, and importance value was increased.

public/Photo Gallery/BOM Risks.JPG

Design Review Materials

Include links to:

Preliminary Detailed Design Review

Preliminary Detailed Design Review Notes

Plans for next phase

public/Photo Gallery/Gantt4.1.JPG
Link to Complete Gantt Chart: Complete Gantt Chart

Group 3 week Plan:






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