P17483: Solar Transpired Collector Crop Dryer

Problem Definition

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Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

Project Summary

Haitian farmers in the Cooperative KGPB (Konfederasyon Gwoupman Peyizan Bòy) in Bornge, Haiti are looking to reduce waste of spoiled crops and increase profits with their fruit harvests. During the harvest season, the markets are flooded with breadfruit, mangoes, and other tropical fruit that drives down prices and leads to significant waste, because viable preservation technology is not available in rural areas. Drying is proposed as a method to preserve these fruits in areas like Haiti, where sun is abundant but conventional fuel resources are scarce. The scope of this project is to develop a functional crop dryer out of inexpensive materials that are also accessible in Haiti which will dry bulk sizes of fruit at a time. The project consists of developing crop dryer concepts, collecting data and testing results in a MatLab model, developing a design, and carrying the design through assembly and test.

P17483's Project Readiness Package can be viewed here: PRP

Use Cases

Consumer Perspective

Farmer Perspective

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Customer Requirements (Needs)

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Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

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House of Quality

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Risk Management

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Design Review Materials

The following presentation was given on September 8, 2016: Problem Definition Review

Link to notes from Problem Definition Review: Problem Definition Review Notes

Plans for next phase


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