P17483: Solar Transpired Collector Crop Dryer

Systems Design

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Team Vision for System-Level Design Phase

During the systems design phase, we planned to create multiple design options for each subsystem, so that we could develop several prototype options to be tested during the next phase. In our design development, we had to consider the feasibility of each design i.e. locally available materials and ease of construction and use. We also planned on learning more about the system by working with the graduate student to observe testing of the current model. We each set individual goals at the end of the Problem Definition phase that we intend to accomplish by the end of Systems Design.

In addition to completing our team goals and the weekly MSD assignments, we received and reviewed the existing Matlab model with Dr. Stevens to better understand the current system, and we created a Gantt chart to layout a plan for the whole semester.

Problem Statement

Current State: Previous designs developed which are functional but not suitable for construction in Haiti.

Desired State: A robust prototype made of area-appropriate materials that is capable of drying moderate amounts of fruit in a few days.

Project Goals: Analyze current designs to identify opportunities to increase both the temperature and airflow within the oven.

Functional Decomposition


Morphological Chart

Concept Development

The four primary concepts used in our Pugh Chart are shown below.

Concept #1: Tent

Concept #1: Tent

Concept #2: Greenhouse Collector

Concept #2: Greenhouse Collector

Concept #3: Sand Dehumidifier

Concept #3: Sand Dehumidifier

Concept #4: Double

Concept #4: Double

Concept Selection

Systems Architecture

Although a final design has not yet been selected due to lack of testing, the final design will be constructed similarly to the image below.

public/Systems Level Design Documents/System Architecture.PNG

Risk Assessment

public/Photo Gallery/Risk2.JPG

Design Review Materials

Link to presentation: Systems Design Presentation

Link to review notes: System Design Review Notes


Systems Level Design Documents

Plans for Next Phase

Caly Evans:

Kelsey Clements:

Kaleigh Sweeney:

Matt Hossack:

Louie Kline:

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