P17484: Solar Water Heater

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase


The goal for this phase was to complete the construction of the solar thermal mobile stand, and begin testing the subsystems.


Construction on the mobile stand was started, but not finished due to unforeseen missing components. The base, wheels, and solar collector panel were constructed.

New Issue

It became apparent that not all components that were ordered and billed for were shipped from the supplier. These missing components were necessary for stand assembly and mounting per the supplied assembly instructions.

Parts in question are: bolts, mounting brackets, and 3/4 in. male couplers.

We are working with the supplier to ship us the missing components necessary to finish construction of the mobile stand.

If the supplier cannot fulfill are request, we will purchase or fabricate the necessary components from a different supplier.

Test Results Summary

No further testing has been conducted since last review

Test Plan Summary

public/Systems%20Design%20Documents/test plans

Testing status and results


As of 2/20/2017: $849.39 has been spent.

Out of the $1000 budget, $150.61 remains.

Bill Of Materials


The red lettering indicates that the item still has to be purchased. The tan cells are estimates taken from the company's website.

Link to Live BOM

Risk and Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking



Link to live document for Problem Tracker

Link to live document for Risk Assessment

Mobile Stand Updated Design

The issue with our supplier gave us the opportunity to redesign our mobile stand.



Plans for next phase

-Resolve the missing components problem.

-Finish mobile stand construction.

-Begin full system-integration.

-Begin and complete test plans.

Notes From Review



Link to live document.

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