P17484: Solar Water Heater

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Team Vision for System-Level Design Phase

What We Planned To Do

  1. Work with Apricus Solar Thermal to design a solar-thermal heating system to supplement RITs domestic hot water loop.

What We Accomplished

  1. Conducted Morph and Pugh analysis to create and analyze and select potential concepts
  2. Met with Rich Stein, FMS Controls Manager. Based on meeting, we decided to make Rich our new customer.

Functional Decomposition




Concept Development


Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation


Screenshot of feasibility spreadsheet. To see live document click here

Morphological Chart and Concept Selection


Concept Selection

The above criteria were used in our Pugh Analysis. Sample of Weighted vs Non-Weighted Pugh analysis. For full analysis click here Full table showing sums of weighted and non-weighted Pugh analysis Table assuming our project has unlimited budget, therefore eliminating cost as a system constraint on our pugh analysis.

Systems Architecture


Risk Assessment

public/Systems%20Design%20Documents/Risk1.png?rev=0 public/Systems%20Design%20Documents/Risk3.png?rev=0

The risks that are shaded in blue are some new risks were added to the risk assessment. Some of them added are the environmental risks, since our talk with Rich Stein we may be working with glycol which can cause to humans and the environment if not properly handled.

Design Review Materials


Click here for P17484 Phase II System Design Review Presentation.



The orange tasks are tasks that were scheduled to be shorter, but took longer than expected. This is true for all, except risk assessment which took shorter than expected. New tasks (Morph Chart, Pugh, System Architecture, etc.) were added to Phase II as well, because we did not know what to expect during this phase. Some tasks were also cancelled, because with the updated customer they were deemed unnecessary.

Updated schedule based on Phase II for Phase III.

Plans for Next Phase

What's Changing


For Phase III we will be updating several aspects of our project based on the above information.

Phase III Plans

Click here for the team's 3-Week Plan summary. | Planning & Execution | Imagine RIT

Problem Definition | Systems Design | Preliminary Detailed Design | Detailed Design

Build & Test Prep | Subsystem Build & Test | Integrated System Build & Test | Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo | Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation