P17485: Lightweight Concrete Roofing Tiles

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Our original plan for the phase is to:

We managed to get the lab for concrete mixing at a time that best suited us, and the manufacturing machine is well on its way. An extra task that we also completed was we redesigned the attachment method based on the feedback from Nicaraguan engineers.

Trip to Nicaragua

One of our team members went to Nicaragua over the Winter break to learn more about 4Walls and the housing projects that are going on over there. What follows is a summary that she put together to sum up her experiences there.

Summary of a Trip to Nicaragua over Intersession by Jennifer Kane

Final Tile Design Update

Given the feedback that we obtained from the engineers in Nicaragua, we decided to review our attachment method. What we decided on is a tile with - instead of one hole on each flat - one hole on one flat and a nub on the other flat. The way it works is the nub would 'hook' onto the support it is resting on, then a wire will be inserted through the hole, wrapped around the support and then twisted to further secure the tile.

Here are some pictures of the redesigned tile:

Updated tile design

Updated tile design

Updated tile design (bottom view)

Updated tile design (bottom view)

Updated tile design(front view)

Updated tile design(front view)

Bill of Material (BOM)

The BOM for the manufacturing device can be accessed from this link.

Test Plans

Here are the test plans for tests that we have planned for this semester. Some of them were taken from last year's team and reviewed to fit our needs.

Loudness Test Procedure

Solar Heat Gain Test Procedure

Waterproof Test Procedure

Wind Resistance Test Procedure

Updated Risks

We reviewed and updated the risks that we had. Risks highlighted in yellow are risks that have been reduced in likelihood. Risk number 4 has been reduced after one of our team members went to Nicaragua to collect information. Risk number 6 is reduced given that the number of tiles that we estimate will be on a roof when using our tiles (~400) is less than the number of tiles that are already on some of the houses there (~600).
Updated Risks

Updated Risks

Plans for next phase

For the next few weeks before our review we plan to be focusing on the manufacturing device and finalizing our mix. We will also be working on a clay model of our tile in order to see what it is like full-size, do some initial testing and adjust as needed.

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