P17487: Kontiki Kiln Heat Recovery System

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

Our team planned to, and completed, all of the final administrative details to wrap up our project. This included finishing up our technical paper, handing off all of our documentation and materials to our customer, and making sure that this Edge site was entirely up to date.

Test Results Summary

The test results have not changed since the Customer Demo. Two of the seventeen test plans did not meet specification, and thus should be improved upon for next year. The critical test plan is reducing the number of components for the final assembly to eliminate the need for manufactured items and as a result, reduce total cost. Product lifetime can be assessed once a more refined model is created.

The final test plans and results can be viewed here.

Final test results

Final test results

Risk and Problem Tracking

Final Project Documentation

Functional Demo Materials

Plans for Wrap-up

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