P17487: Kontiki Kiln Heat Recovery System

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

During this phase, our team improved the physical system after analyzing the results from our 4th burn cycle. New parts were ordered to compensate for the changes. Additionally, our team began writing the training manual and requirements to ensure success and a more repeatable process.

By the end of this phase, we further refined our mathematical model and simulations to provide greater insight on the factors that most affect the system (i.e. pipe diameter, material). This allowed our team to confidently report to our customer and move towards eliminating other risks in our design.

Test Results Summary

Analysis: Temperature Data

For the Integrated System Build and Test, our team made improvements to the system by adding new elbow connectors to prevent leakage and melting of material and by acquiring dried twigs and branches for burn material. This was the 5th burn trial completed by the team. The details of the testing conditions are outlined in the timeline below:

Timeline of events

Timeline of events

The schematic and actual setup images below show the placement of the thermocouples and the newly added elbow connectors:

public/Detailed Design Documents/Schematics/system_schematic5.png public/Detailed Design Documents/Schematics/kiln_5th_burn_schematic.png

The final results from the test are summarized below:

Parameter Values
Starting water temperature 5 °C 41 °F
Increase +30.8 °C +55.44 °F
Ending water temperature 35.8 °C 96.44 °F
Amount of water heated 12.75 gallons
Time elapsed 1.12 hours
Date completed 3/23/17
Location Rochester, NY
Ambient temperature -6.67 °C 20 °F
Test results for 4 trials

Test results for 4 trials

Test results for 4 trials

Test results for 4 trials

After modifying the system and performing a burn with correct material, the target temperature was achieved, and within the target time allowed. This further proved the capability of the system and gave insight on the system's robustness. Despite cold ambient air and reservoir water temperatures, the system heated the water within almost an hour.

Test Plans Status

Five of the tests were resolved during the second round of testing:

The details can be read here.

Updated overview of test plans

Updated overview of test plans

Risk and Problem Tracking

The live problem management document can be found here.
Problem Tracking Version 2

Problem Tracking Version 2

Bill of Materials

The live bill of materials document can be found here. New swivel connectors were purchased because the plastic connectors deformed due to the heat and steam produced. Additional hosing was also purchased for testing purposes and a set of gardening rakes to replace the bar that currently holds the coils.
Bill Of Materials

Bill Of Materials

Plans for next phase

See meeting minutes for plans for the next phase.

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