P17503: Electrophotographic Test Bed

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

For this phase, the team plans to finalize the design of the structure and begin building the new structure for the ElectroPhotographic Test Bed. The team will outsource the fabrication of the chassis as well as the 16-gauge sheet metal for the side panels. In terms of the Test Prep a new computer has been ordered which will drive the new system. Cameron is prepared to run and test each sub-system and its configuration with LabVIEW. Steph Boula will lead the integration and test of the DLP with LabVIEW. A new subject matter expert, Tan Tan , a PHd student in Imaging Science at RIT, will be essential with integrating the system.

Test Plan Summary


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Risk and Problem Tracking

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Design Review Materials

MSD2 Meeting Minutes

Plans for next phase

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