P17503: Electrophotographic Test Bed

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

Given the difficulties faced during the build and test prep phase regarding purchasing and materials acquisition, our team is behind our original plan somewhat. Quotes for raw materials and computer components came up with costs much higher than our initial estimations, requiring re-evaluation of the design of the new structure.

In attempt to rally the project, the team planned to execute four phases in tandem:

With this general plan in mind, the execution of the build and test phase went as expected. The majority of the concerning designs were resolved and all materials are going through the purchasing process. The beginnings of the new frame have begun assembly, with the framing, casters, levels and base-plate in processing. The testbed has undergone the majority of the applicable unit testing and integration testing has begun on a number of fronts where possible. Finally, the DLP controls have begun to reveal a clear path forward towards integration after a number of false starts.

Test Results Summary


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Risk and Problem Tracking

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Functional Demo Materials

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Construction Pictures

Plans for next phase

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