P17512: Xerox 3D Print Head

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

In this phase, our group set out to further execute the plans and designs we completed in the previous phase. Because of the nature of our project, which we inherited from a team from a previous year, many systems were already built, including some by us in the previous phase. Once built, some of our designs would require testing for validation and for measuring competency in satisfying customer requirements. Systems we began (or continued) building and testing in this phase included the x-axis (process direction) drive, jet stack mounting and jetting, enclosure reconstruction, and software for the image loader board.

Problem Tracking

To see how we are keeping up with the problems which have arisen, see our updated Problem Tracking document.

Bill of Materials

This phase involved putting together an updated Bill of Materials.

Plans for next phase

In three weeks, we want to have met with industry professionals from Xerox who can aid us with some issues which have been bottlenecking our progress, such as the image loader board software. We would also like to have made further progress on certain mounting schemes such as the rotary encoder, the x-axis motor mount, the image loader board and the print head.

Progress Report

The end status for this phase shows the tasks that we believed could be completed.

All tasks we had set for this phase were completed except for the last one involving communication with the the Image Loader Board (ILB) and jetting ink. We were able to wire up that system together but the EE's has issues getting the software to recognize the image loader board.

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