P17512: Xerox 3D Print Head

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Test Results Summary

Mechanical designs were implemented to the plan. The print head, image loader board, and wave form generator were revealed to have underlying issues with the hardware. After expert analysis from Xerox is was found that the waveform generator was shorted. This explains the issues the team encountered when trying to get the print head to jet. After we received functional hardware, we were able to have the print head to jet successfully. The implementation of the motors is on schedule. Limit switches were added to aid in the functionality of the motor homing and safety. Currently, different positioning algorithms such as "home", "print", and "test" are being written. The encoder was rehauled to make measurements more accurate. The UV film was obtained was found to be within specifications. Great strides have been made in the overall aesthetics and enclosure design.

Integrated Subsystem

Integrated (Profile)

Integrated (Profile)

Integrated (Front)

Integrated (Front)

Risk and Problem Tracking

Progress Report

The end status for this phase shows the tasks that we believed could be completed.

Subsystem Progress Report

Subsystem Progress Report

This phase had many more tasks to complete as were attempting to individually complete each subsystem. Below are some comments on our progress.

Plans for next phase

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