P17618: Lens Handling Fixture

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

Company X wishes to remain unidentified. Company X also requires that certain information regarding this project is kept confidential.

Team Setup

Emily: Project Manager

Jing: Lead Engineer

Carrie: Facilitator

Matt: Communications

Derek: EDGE

Team Values and Norms


Project Plans & Schedules

Our project plan can be found here. This document is constantly updated as we progress through the project.

Risk Assessment

Jing is the owner of the risk assessment document. She is sick right now so it is not up to date, but she will finish it when she is feeling better. It will be added to this section when it is complete.

Other Team Resources

Meeting space

Build and test space:

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Meeting minutes and action items are added to our project plan document.

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews are done at the end of each phase using the peer2peer tool in MyCourses. Team members complete the peer review and then discuss the results with each other and John during the first class of the new phase.


Customer Communication

Team Communication

Project Reviews

The Problem Definition and Systems Design reviews were presented off their respective EDGE pages. The Preliminary Detailed Design and Detailed Design reviews will most likely be presented to Company X with PowerPoint presentations. Those files will be uploaded in this section when we get to those phases.

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