P17665: Rotating Dynamometer for Cutting Tools

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

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Team Vision

The goal of this phase was to find a conclusive explanation of why the wheatstone bridge subsystem is not outputting a voltage as expected. Unfortunately, the team has still not found out the specific reason for the low voltage output. Since the last phase the team has done the following:

What is next? We believe we have exhausted all nondestructive testing options. During the following few days and next week we are planning to move forward with removing strain gauges and testing placement in an experimental environment.

Test Results Summary

Cantilever Gauge Validation

Cantilever Test

What We Did:


Individual Gauge Test

Individual Gauge Test.

What We Did:


Directional Strain Validation

Simulation Setup

public/Integrated Systems Build Documents/Captures/load.png


public/Integrated Systems Build Documents/Captures/max principle/500N.png

public/Integrated Systems Build Documents/Captures/min principle/500N.png


public/Integrated Systems Build Documents/Captures/max principle/50N.png

public/Integrated Systems Build Documents/Captures/min principle/50N.png

Risk and Problem Tracking

public/Integrated Systems Build Documents/Captures/Top Risks.PNG

Risk Assessment

public/Integrated Systems Build Documents/Captures/Risk Curve.PNG

Risk Graph

Problem Tracking

Plans Going Forward

public/Integrated Systems Build Documents/Captures/Project Plan.PNG

Download the current project plan in .xlsx or PDF formats.

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