P17665: Rotating Dynamometer for Cutting Tools

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

There are no intellectual property considerations for this project. This project is intended to be open source for use by students and science enthusiasts.

Team Setup

Member Role Description
Joseph Amoia Project Manager Interfaces with customer, guide, and team to plan meetings, discuss questions, review agendas, and ensure the project is following schedule.
Brian Coren Mechanical Engineering Lead In charge of designing the apparatus to house the strain gauges, microprocessor, and power source.
Elbert Heacock Lead Process Engineer Keeps material selection in mind while design is going on, critiques prints and part files so that designers know what is manufacturable and what isn’t, and primary manufacturer come build season.
Muhammad Ibraheem Electrical Engineering Lead In charge of programming microprocessor for data acquisition of strain gauges and wireless transmission.
Zac Rubeor Team Leader Keeps track of day-to-day deliverables and ensures that team meetings are kept timely and efficient.

Team Values and Norms

View our Team Values and Norms here.

Project Plans & Schedules

This work breakdown structure (WBS) helps the team keep track of important deliverables and tasks to be completed. A small sample of the WBS is shown below:

public/Project Management/planning/17665 WBS.PNG

For the full team WBS, click here. For the full team Gantt chart, click here.

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

We have compiled a list of preliminary risks to consider as we enter the Systems Design phase. This list will be added upon as the project progresses.

The top ten risks are displayed below:

public/Problem Definition Documents/Captures/10 Risks.PNG

For the full list of risks, click here.

Top Risks

Key Takeaways

Other Team Resources

Team Meetings

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Meeting Minutes

Customer Interviews

Peer Reviews

Problem Definition Review

Member Role Takeaways
Joseph Amoia Project Manager Work on slowing down when talking and presenting ideas during meetings and reviews. Have laptop more to offer more during meetings.
Brian Coren Mechanical Engineering Lead x
Elbert Heacock Lead Process Engineer x
Muhammad Ibraheem Electrical Engineering Lead x
Zac Rubeor Team Leader Work on notifying the team when updating EDGE and keep the team more on-task during meetings.

Systems Level Design Review


Gate Reviews

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