P17665: Rotating Dynamometer for Cutting Tools

Subsystem Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

What We Planned to Do:

What We Did:

What Went Wrong:

What Will be Done:

Test Results Summary

public/Subsystem Build and Test Documents/Captures/S6 Test Plan - Bluetooth.JPG

Click here to download a pdf version of Test Plan S6.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Assessment

Risk Graph

public/Subsystem Build and Test Documents/Captures/A3 Strain Gauges.PNG

Functional Demo Materials

Bluetooth Functionality

public/Subsystem Build and Test Documents/Captures/HC-06 Sitting Voltages.PNG

public/Subsystem Build and Test Documents/Captures/btplot.png

Deflection Analysis

public/Subsystem Build and Test Documents/Captures/deflections test.PNG

public/Subsystem Build and Test Documents/Captures/set up.jpg

Using a pulley and weight system and a milling machine to hold the rotating dynamometer in place while keeping a static load on it.

Plans for next phase

Live MSD II Project Plan

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