P17676: Vacuum Former

Subsystem Build & Test

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Progress Report

Budget Update:

Bill of Materials

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Test Results Summary

Given the physical size of our project, the first 5 weeks of the semester have been focused on the construction of the various subsystems of vacuum former in the machine shop. The testing that has been performed thus far has had primarily physical results (such as the sliding of the plastic clamping frames brackets along the 8020 frame). Therefore limited testing results exist to report.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management

Risk Assessment
Risk Management

Problem Tracking

Sliding Brackets

Our four sliding brackets are built, and all slide freely, without binding, independently. However, we have begun testing how our sliders will behave after assembly and have run into some problems. We have found that two parallel sliding brackets attached with a piece of bar stock experience a large amount of binding. Outlined below, is a list of troubleshooting ideas we plan to look into:
Problem Cause Solution *Ease of Solution (1-3)
Plastic slider pieces are not evenly tightened against the L-bracket, creating an altered shape. Remove plastic sliders, and re-attach being sure to tighten evenly along the L-bracket. 1
Too much friction between the sliders and the track. Lubricate sliders and track. 2
Machine frame is not square. Loosen machine frame, and square up before tightening. 1
Increased surface area contact between sliding plastic and track. Remove a small amount of plastic from the sliders (sand them down a bit). 2

Electrical System

Previously, designing an electrical system for our machine had been a challenge. This was due to our team consisting only of mechanical and an industrial engineer, all with limited to no experience with electrical system design. However, with some outside help we have overcome this issue and now have an approved electrical system design. Within the next 3 weeks we will begin to assemble and test our electrical design.

Plans for next phase

3 Week Plan

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