P17701: ABVI Upcycling: Cotton Insulation

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Our team planned to finish sag test setup and begin testing. Acquire a competitor's product and test it for sag as well as R value testing. Begin developing plan for poster design as well as begin developing sound transmission test. Our team finished the sag test build and received product from Applegate Insulation that we can benchmark off of our own prototypes. We developed an outline for the poster design and one of our team members visited Fiber Conversions and learned about the second hand textile business.

Communications with Outside Companies

Over the past several weeks, the team (P17701) has worked to find and engage companies in the non-wovens industry. The goal was to learn as much as possible about this industry by speaking with experienced individuals, and possibly also establish business relationships for a potential future operation at Goodwill/ABVI. The team has been in contact with two companies in the industry

  1. Fiber Conversion: Broadalbin, NY - http://www.fiberconversion.net/
  2. Hayes Industries: Pottstown, PA - http://www.hayesind.com/

The documents below summarize all communications between the team and these companies as of 3/23/2017.



Info Slides for Fiber Conversion

Request for Quote: Hayes, 2/21/17

Hayes Quote 501157_R13 Batting Sample: Received 3/29/17

Test Results Summary

Flame Resistance Testing Update

Prototype 8-1 - 12.3 g/100 ml

Prototype 8-2 - 12.3 g/100 ml

public/Detailed Design Documents/Prototype Details Excel Sheets/Flame_Test_Results_update_03_22.png

The Flame Test Setup is linked below.

Flame Test Plan as of 2/21/2017

Thermal Resistance Testing Update

The test plan for R-Value testing of cotton insulation prototypes has been edited. The R-Value of the sample is now calculated with a simply equation involving the ratio of the two temperature differences in the test and the handbook thermal resistance of the 1/2" thick drywall layer. The updated test plan is below.

Thermal Resistance Test Plan as of 3/22/2017

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Assessment - Version 4

public/Project Management/Project Plan and Admin/Risk Assesment_V4.PNG

Plans for next phase

Updated Project Plan

Project Plan as of 2/22/2017

MS Project File for Project Plan

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