P17701: ABVI Upcycling: Cotton Insulation

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

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Team Vision for System Level Demo with Customer

Our team planned to build a sound transmission test and begin testing with a current competitor’s product. Have a rough draft of our poster and general outline of the paper. Collect as much data as we can for our customer to see if this product is financially viable for them.

Our team finished the sound transmission test build and began testing with an industry standard product. We re-tested the R-value test with benchmark product as well as ran the sag test with a prototype and competitor product side by side. Obtained a quote for a batt of insulation made in an industry setting using bi-component as the adhesive. A draft of the team’s poster was developed as well as a general outline for the paper.

Test Results Summary

R-Value Test


Thermal Resistance Test Plan as of 3/22/2017

A calibration experiment was performed on a sample of Applegate denim insulation. The results can be found in the excel file below

Applegate R-Value Calibration: 3/30/17

Prototype 1 Data for Reference

Discussion and Plans Moving Forward

The results obtained in this calibration experiment were not as expected. Test data shows that the team's original prototype in fact performed better than the benchmark product (Applegate) with a tested R-value of R-1.4 per inch compared to R-1.1 per inch for the Applegate product. The team will be performing more thermal tests on both prototype 1 and the benchmark product during the week of 4/17 to try to assess whether there were simply experimental errors or if the team's method of testing for R-Value is in fact not a sound method.
R-Value test setup while testing Applegate product

R-Value test setup while testing Applegate product

Sound Transmission Test

A test was performed with the program Audacity to get a metric of decibel drop over samples based on our test plan.

This yielded Sound Reduction Coefficients for both a sample of Applegate, and our first prototype. public/Detailed Design Documents/Prototype Testing/Sound Transmission Test 4 11 data.png

As you can see, we are right around the desired sound reduction values.

Sound Transmission Data

public/Photo Gallery/Sound_box.jpg public/Photo Gallery/sound_prot.jpg

Sag Test


The insulation, after running test for five days, there has been no noticeable amount of sag within the test. Water was no longer placed into humidifier after the third day, due to having a constant relative humidity being read. This could be due a series of errors, such as having the incorrect aspect ratio of insulation for test fixture size, the wood could have absorbed the water, causing swelling and leading to a tighter fit around the insulation. In further tests, these issues could be addressed.

Prototype 10 for Sag Test

public/Photo Gallery/sag_test.jpg public/Photo Gallery/Sag_test_v2.jpg

Plans for next phase

Updated Project Plan

Project Plan as of 4/11/2017

Project Management/Project Plan and Admin/Project Plan_V6.PNG

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