P17701: ABVI Upcycling: Cotton Insulation

Preliminary Detailed Design

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Team Vision for Preliminary Detailed Design Phase

At the beginning of this previous phase for this project, the team initially planned to acquire raw shredded cotton material, develop a bill of materials, run feasibility tests on our competitor’s samples, and develop and record test plans for once the team has working prototypes.

During this phase, the team was able to accomplish most of their goals. The team found a supplier and received raw shredded cotton material, as well as purchasing some of the materials needed for prototyping. The team also developed a series of test plans for each benchmarking value for the insulation, which with both purchased materials and test plans, a BOM was also developed.The team was also able to acquire a lab space to develop preliminary prototypes as well as meet with Randy Dohne from Goodwill International, who described the problems facing every Goodwill store across the nation and how the team can solve some of those problems.

Feasibility: Prototyping, Analysis, Simulation

public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Feasibility Photo.png

Main Project Resource: Shredded Cotton

Status of Procurement:

Team is in contact with Brian MacFarland at Fiber Conversion. Fiber Conversion shreds textiles and bales them into 600 lb bales. Brian does not want to cut open a bale just to give our team 50-100 pounds to use for our project. Also, he would have to shut down his production line in order to take shredded cotton from the process before it is baled, which he also does not want to do. Brian says he has a bale which was water damaged on one end which he may be able to take some material out of for us. He also has a customer who may have some laying around that he can get for us. Brian is aware that this is a critical resource for our project, and is working hard to find us some material. We are expecting a call back shortly regarding his progress.

Drawings and Schematic

Below shows a schematic of the form that we will be creating our insulation prototypes with. Below the schematic are the drawings of the form with details of the dimensions.

public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Proto Schematic.png

public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Proto Drawing Page 1.png public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Proto Drawing Page 2.png public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Proto Drawing Page 3.png public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Proto Drawing Page 4.png

Bill of Material (BOM)

public/Bill of Materials.png

Above is the Bill of Materials that the team made taking every level of the construction into effect. The price may be lower if we are able to use some of the resources RIT has to offer. This BOM includes all of our test plans that will be described below as well.

Related Document: Bill of Materials

Test Plans

public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Thermal Test Plan.png

Thermal Performance Test Plan: Thermal Performance Test

public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Sound Transmission Test Plan.png

Sound Transmission Test Plan: Sound Transmission Test

public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Flame Resistance Test Plan.png

Flame Retardance Test Plan: Flame Retardance Test

public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Fungal and Bacterial Growth Test Plan.png public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Corrosion Test Plan.png public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Moisture Resistance Test Plan.png public/Photo Gallery/Prelim Detailed Design/Sag Test Plan.png

Design Review Materials

The documents below summarize the Preliminary Detailed Design Review with customer:

Plans for next phase

LucasJackling_3-Week Plan

MitchGoepel_3-Week Plan

DenningCrenshaw_3-Week Plan

SamKon_3-Week Plan

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