P17702: ABVI Upcycling: Synthetic Fibers

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Test Plan Summary

To find the test plan for Utility of Product, Outside Material Requirements, and Life Cycle Analysis click here.

To find the test plan for Salvage Material Consumption Ratio, Supply Chain Requirements, and Transportation Requirements click here.

To find the test plan for Equipment Requirements, Labor Requirements, and Maintenance Costs click here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Two risks were added at the start of this phase to our tracking documents. They are:

To view the complete risk document, click click here. The correct tab is "Update for MSD II Phase 1".

Design Review Materials

The design side of the team have narrowed down modular designs as seen below. More ideation is needed for the final designs.

Sample Sketches: public/Build and Test Prep/sample_sketches.jpg

Modular Divider 1: public/Build and Test Preps/room_divider1.jpg

Modular Divider 2: public/Build and Test Preps/room_divider2.jpg

Modular Divider 3: public/Build and Test Preps/room_divider3.jpg

Modular Carperting: public/Build and Test Preps/modular_carpeting.jpg

Imagine RIT Team Vision

Plans for next phase

Our complete plan can be found here.

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