P17702: ABVI Upcycling: Synthetic Fibers


Project Summary Project Information

Local nonprofits Goodwill and ABVI are facing an ecological and economic issue that could be turned into a profitable opportunity for them, along with the Rochester community. Every year, nearly 400 million pounds of fabric products are thrown away by the companies due to wear, damage or a lack of need. The goal is to develop a product to be made from this surplus of clothing that Goodwill receives, along with supplying more jobs to the visually impaired of Rochester. This business plan is to eventually extend to all other Goodwill stores across the country.

The main purpose of this project is to come up with a product that will turn a profit from the excess clothing of Goodwill, adds value to the Goodwill brand, and brings new job opportunities to the community.

For an updated project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package.

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Project Name
ABVI Upcycling: Synthetic Fibers
Project Number
Project Family
Sustainable Textile Industry
Start Term
Fall 2016
End Term
Spring 2017
Faculty Guide
Sarah Brownell
Primary Customer
Joe Kells
Sponsor (financial support)
Autodesk/ABVI, contact

Team Members

From left to right: Catheryn McCarthy, Corey King, Valeria Villa, Erin Podhaisky, Pauline Dziama

From left to right: Catheryn McCarthy, Corey King, Valeria Villa, Erin Podhaisky, Pauline Dziama

Member Role Contact
Valeria Villa Project Manager vav8508@rit.edu
Erin Podhaisky Purchasing & Manufacturing Engineer erp3351@rit.edu
Corey King Lead Engineer & EDGE Master cpk2196@rit.edu
Pauline Dziama Lead Communicator pd1825@rit.edu
Catheryn McCarthy Facilitator cmm8597@rit.edu

Table of Contents


Norms and Values

Planning & Execution

Project Photos and Videos

Imagine RIT

Problem Definition

Systems Design

Preliminary Detailed Design

Detailed Design

Build & Test Prep

Subsystem Build & Test

Integrated System Build & Test

Integrated System Build & Test with Customer Demo

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation