P17708: Rochester SportNet Improvements

Integrated System Build & Test

Table of Contents


  1. Action Items & Key Questions
  2. Subsystem Design
    • Mezzanine
    • Bike Racks
  3. Budget & Materials
  4. Test Plans
  5. Risk & Problem Management
  6. Plans for Next Phase

Action Items & Key Questions

Entering the Phase

  1. Design the bike racks - In Process
  2. Follow up with Mike and Art about possible contractors - In Process
  3. Is Lowe's willing to donate materials - In Process
  4. Discuss stair options with Mike and get his approval to purchase - Complete
  5. Do we have clearance to start purchasing materials? - Complete
  6. Determine the best place to purchase lumber for the mezzanine - In Process

During/Exiting the Phase

  1. Submit permit for approval - In Process
  2. How do we re-design the mezzanine to account for the electrical outlet in the back right corner of the facility? - Complete
  3. How should we go about building the mezzanine? - Complete

Subsystem Design & Build Plans


The finalized build plans still need to be reviewed with our contractor and structural engineer. A pre-approved version of the Mezzanine Build Plans can be viewed here - Mezzanine Build Plans

The Lumber Calculations spreadsheet can be accessed here - Lumber Calculations

Bike Racks

The bike rack design has been updated based on customer feedback during the last review. However, due to some budgetary pressures, the analysis of the overhead bike rack storage has been put on hold. The team is currently focusing its efforts on trimming the budget so funds can be freed up for this design.

Some key areas of the budget the team is currently looking into trimming are:
  1. Using different materials for the columns.
  2. Using wooden handrails as opposed to steel handrails.
  3. Eliminating the use of an LVL for the ledger board.

Budget & Materials

Bill of Materials & Budget (Rev. 5)

Bill of Materials & Budget (Rev. 5)

The Bill of Materials spreadsheet can be accessed here - Bill of Materials


  1. SportsNet Safety Grant
    • Submitted all relevant information to Mike and received approval
    • Asked: $1,600, Received: $1,600
  2. IEEE Standards Grant
    • Submitted application to IEEE and Dr. Debartolo submitted a statement of endorsement, notified we were not awarded the grant
    • Asked: $500, Received: $0

Test Plans

Due to the nature of the project testing will start in phase 4.

The Test Plan spreadsheet can be accessed here - Test Plans

Risk and Problem Management


Risk Management (Rev. 7)

Risk Management (Rev. 7)

The Risk Management spreadsheet can be accessed here - Risk Management


Problem Tracking (Rev. 4)

Problem Tracking (Rev. 4)

The Problem Tracking spreadsheet can be accessed here - Problem Tracking

Plans for Next Phase


Schedule for Senior Design II (Rev. 4)

Schedule for Senior Design II (Rev. 4)

The Schedule can be accessed here - P17708 Schedule

Team Vision: Week 11 Demo

Individual Plans

Individual 3 week plans can be accessed here - Brady, Cali, Peter, Sarah

The Individual Goal Status can be accessed here - Individual Goal Status

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