P17708: Rochester SportNet Improvements

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Setup

Project Manager: Sarah Harley

Lead Engineer: Brady Hawkes

External Communications: Peter Larson

EDGE Manager: Cali Smith

Team Values and Norms

Values & Norms

Values & Norms

The full document can be found here - Values & Norms

Project Plans & Schedules

Team Availability

Semester Class Schedule (Rev. 1)

Semester Class Schedule (Rev. 1)

Project Plan

Phase II Schedule (Rev. 1)

Phase II Schedule (Rev. 1)

The full schedule can be accessed here - P17708 Schedule

Individual 3-week plan template

Other Team Resources

Communication Methods

Meeting Minutes

Below are the details (date, location, minutes, etc.) pertaining to our meetings from MSD I.
Date Location Description Minutes
Aug 22 MSD Design Center Class Discussion Minutes(822)
Aug 29 MSD Design Center Class Discussion Minutes(829)
Aug 31 Brick City Pre-Class Meeting Minutes(831p)
Aug 31 MSD Design Center Class Discussion Minutes(831)
Sept 6 IE Lab Team Meeting Minutes(906)
Sept 7 MSD Design Center Class Discussion Minutes(907)
Sept 9 SportsNet Storage Inventory & Measurements Minutes(909)
Sept 10 IE Lab Team Meeting Minutes(910)
Sept 12 Gleason 4435 Phase I Review Questions(912)
Sept 14 MSD Design Center Class Discussion Minutes(914)
Sept 16 IE Lab Team Meeting Minutes(916)

EDGE Updates

Below are the outline of EDGE updates, including who was responsible and any related notes or questions.
Week Description
Two Home & Problem Definition
Two Problem Definition
Three Planning & Execution

Research & Random Documents

Documents and notes from researching topics related to our project
Type Description
Ergonomics Liberty Mutual Tables
Ergonomics NIOSH & OSHA Lecture
Ergonomics Strength Data Tables
OSHA Standards Employer Responsibilities
Storage Possible Bike Storage

Peer Reviews

To be updated after first review and peer review meeting.

Project Reviews

To be updated after first review.

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