P17709: ArcWorks Bottle Wrapping Station

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Setup

The following table outlines each group members roles and major as chosen by the team for the duration of MSD I and MSD II.
Member Major Role
Cassie Kaczmarek Industrial and Systems Engineering Product Manager
Kyle Chrysler Industrial and Systems Engineering Lead Process Engineer
Emily Hebert Mechanical Engineering Lead Mechanical Engineer
Lachlan Newcomb Mechanical Engineering Communications and EDGE Designer
Justin Cook Mechanical Engineering N/A
Troy Bailey Industrial and Systems Engineering N/A

Skills and Expertise

Team Values and Norms

Guidelines for Resolving Conflict

  1. If there is a dispute between team members, bring it up initially with the facilitator.
    • If the issue is with ArcWorks or another external organization and a team member, consult the team as a whole first.
  2. Determine where the problem is arising, was it verbal behavior, physical behavior, or an escalating disagreement with the process?
  3. If The conflict is between two team members, allow the facilitator time to resolve the issue before alerting the rest of the team.
    • If the issue is with another group, the facilitator shall take charge of resolving it, while allowing group members to contribute.
  4. If the facilitator is unable to resolve the conflict, consult the team and/or the guide about potential solutions to the problem.

Project Plans & Schedules

Draft Overview of Project Plan

Draft of Plan Phase

Draft of Design Phase

The preliminary design phase plan can be found here: Design Phase Plan

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

The following figure contains the current risks we have identified related to this project:

Other Team Resources

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

The team's action log can be found here: Action Log

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews are completed at the end of each design phase. Once peer reviews are complete, if there is positive and useful feedback, they will be placed here.


ArcWorks Contact Information

Method of Communication

Frequency of Communication

Customer Availability For Review

Communications Handler

Team Expectation for Communications

In Team Communication

Guide Communication

Project Reviews

Relevant information following the design reviews will be placed here. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

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