P17709: ArcWorks Bottle Wrapping Station

Problem Definition

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Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

Project Summary

ArcWorks provides manufacturing services including hand labeling and packaging operations. The current process for hand labeling has very stressful steps and can only be done by highly skilled workers, resulting in a slow turnover between products. Within the current process, errors in packaging lead to large time delays.

The goal of this project is to analyze the current process steps in order to make the process easier and faster while still producing a hand-labeled look. The expected result will allow for a faster method to find errors as well as reduce operator fatigue and minimize repetitive stress injuries while adhering to all OSHA guidelines. The new process will increase production and will be easier to implement and teach.

Project Background

The main goal of ArcWorks is to provide jobs to people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Approximately 75% of ArcWork's employee's have disabilities. ArcWorks is a subcontractor for Fee Brothers, a local alcoholic bitter company. ArcWorks is responsible for the assembly, packaging, and labeling of the Fee Brothers bitters.

ArcWorks currently produces one skid per day which is 252 cases or 3024 bottles. The key goal of this process is to ensure the bottles they produce have a hand labeled look.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Customer Requirements (Needs)

The working Customer Requirements document can be found here: Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

The working Engineering Requirements document can be found here: Engineering Requirements


House of Quality

The working House of Quality document can be found here: House of Quality


The working Risk Analysis document can be found here: Risk Analysis

Design Review Materials

The following presentation was given on February 8, 2017: Design Review Presentation

Plans for next phase

Draft Overview of Project Plan

Draft of Plan Phase

Draft of Design Phase

The preliminary design phase plan can be found here: Design Phase Plan

Individual Plans

Emily Hebert's Three Week Plan: Emily's Plan

Cassie Kaczmarek's Three Week Plan: Cassie's Plan

Troy Bailey's Three Week Plan: Troy's Plan

Lachlan Newcomb's Three Week Plan: Lachlan's Plan

Kyle Chrysler's Three Week Plan: Kyle's Plan

Justin Cook's Three Week Plan: Justin's Plan

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