P18011: Wheelchair Accessible Restroom 2

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Our goals for this phase were:

What we actually accomplished: We met all the above goals. For ordering parts, we were able to order the steel plate for our frame and hydraulic cylinders.

Test Plan Summary

Our team examined our engineering requirements and formulated test plans for the ones that it is possible to test. The engineering requirements we did not create test plans for were:

The remaining 10 engineering requirements have test plans associated with them.

Attached are our Test Plans.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Our Risk Management chart hasn't changed at all since the last phase.

Our team formulated a problem tracking chart. Attached is our Problem Tracker.

Design Review Materials

Attached is our Build and Test Prep Power Point.

Plans for next phase

Below is a snapshot our MSD II plans. Attached is the full version of Full Plan.
Full Plan for MSD II

Full Plan for MSD II

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