P18012: Adapted Rock Climbing Wall


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Rock climbing walls are a recreational means of climbing. With large groups or individuals with attention disorders, however, the wall does nothing to guide the climber or prompt one path over another, nor can it provide feedback to a supervisor/instructor. Subsequently, close one-on-one supervision between the instructor and climber is often required, which limits the number of individuals able to take part in the activity at any one time while also detracting from the quality of interaction between climbers.

The goal of this project is to remedy these shortcomings by providing a means of wireless communication between the wall, each climber, and the supervisor. This means will be adjustable by the user based on the climber, and will ideally track the progress of the climber. The final result will be a wall update kit adjustable for different walls, accompanied by the software required to interface with it. The physical component will meet all current safety requirements for rock walls, while the complementing software will be supported on all current platforms (phones, tablets, computers), in addition to being intuitive and easy to use. Also, the project will be useful to nonprofit organizations by being inexpensive and easy to set up.

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Project Name
Programmable Rock Climbing Instruction System
Project Number
Project Family
Access Technologies
Start Term
2171 (Fall 2017)
End Term
Spring 2017
Faculty Guide
Russel Phelps
Faculty Champion
Dan Phillips
Primary Customer
Michael Cocquyt
Sponsor (financial support)
Multidisciplinary Engineering at RIT

Team Members

Team Members Left to right(Matthew Goehring, Sarah White, Siddhant Gupta, Justin Liao, Matthew Andrews, Earl Felipe)

Team Members Left to right(Matthew Goehring, Sarah White, Siddhant Gupta, Justin Liao, Matthew Andrews, Earl Felipe)

Member Role Contact
Matthew Goehring Project Leader mxg6266@rit.edu
Matthew Andrews Purchasing Engineer mha3216@rit.edu
Sarah White Documentation Engineer spw7289@rit.edu
Justin Liao Edge Manager jkl1668@rit.edu
Earl Felipe Engineer ejf8910@rit.edu
Siddhant Gupta Engineer sxg4039@rit.edu

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Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation (Verification & Validation)