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Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

At this time the team is not considering filing for a patent; however later in the project's timeline our team will reconsider this. Our team is not supported by any financial sources that carry IP requirements. Our customer has not required us to keep any elements of this project confidential.

Team Setup

Tom Gerstein

1. Major: Mechanical Engineer

2. Role: Design Engineer

3. Role Description: Lead the design process and be the go-to individual for design decisions

4. Skills: CAD, MatLab, Machining

5. Experiences: Harris, Corning, General Electric, Master Dynamic

Alexa Farner

1. Major: Industrial Engineer

2. Role: Project Manager / Purchasing

3. Role Description: Maintain documentation consistency, ensure the team follows process steps, coordination project scheduling and risk management, maintain BOM, handle purchases

4. Skills: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, JMP, 5S, DOE

5. Experiences: Nestle Purina, Wegmans, Flower City Printing, Xerox

John Bushman

1. Major: Biomedical Engineer

2. Role: Lead Engineer

3. Role Description: Interface requirements between subsystems, tracking cross-subsystem engineering requirements

4. Skills: Matlab, Excel, Minitab

5. Experiences: Lithium-ion battery prototyping, MRI:Histology slide reconstruction

Bridget Avery

1. Major: Mechanical Engineer

2. Role: Communications

3. Role Description: Point of contact between team and guide, customer, review attendees

4. Skills: CAD, Matlab, Arduino, Machining

5. Experiences: MDOT, M/E Engineering, Markin Tubing

Nathanial Luther

1. Major: Biomedical Engineer

2. Role: Facilitator

3. Role Description: Coordinate peer evaluations, serve as an objective party to keep work on track, make sure every team member's opinions are heard, mediate disputes

4. Skills: Matlab, VBA

5. Experiences: Compliance Engineering with Analogic Corporation, Healthcare Services at Rochester General Hospital

Team Values and Norms

Our senior design team believes that following team values and norms is a crucial part of being a hardworking team member. In order to define success our team chose four values that we believe define can define an exemplary team member. These values are punctuality, reliability, professionalism/ethical, and communication. These values and norms will be used to evaluate each other during our peer evaluations. Specific information regarding what a team member needs to do to fulfill these values and norms can be found here: Values and Norms.

Project Plans & Schedules


Ensure timely delivery of all required work products, identify prerequisite tasks with owners, ensure special resource needs are met.

In order to achieve these deliverables, a project schedule and Gantt chart was created for the team to follow. An image containing the outline for the next 3 months is shown below, for a complete project schedule click here.

Project Schedule for Team S.T.E.P.

Project Schedule for Team S.T.E.P.

Additionally, a schedule was created to show the class schedule for the next 3 weeks of MSD I.

3 Week Class Schedule

3 Week Class Schedule

Link:3 Week Class Schedule

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Risk Management at Design Definition Review

Risk Management at Design Definition Review

Other Team Resources

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Detailed meeting minutes notes can be found here: Meeting Minutes

Peer Reviews

Peer evaluations will be completed at the end of week 3 following the design review.


All communications done with our customer will be said by the Communications lead team member. All team members will be cc'ed to the email.

Project Reviews

The design review presentation and notes will be uploaded here after the presentation is presented at the end of week 3.

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