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In the US today, there are approximately 3.5 million individuals living with autism. Hypersensitivity is a common trait in individuals with autism, where the individual experiences sensory overload from stress and stressful situations. Team MoSAIC Stress Monitoring Apparel is a wearable technology that monitors biometrics of a user such as heart rate, skin conductivity, and body temperature to determine if the user is experiencing an elevated level of stress. When a stress pattern is detected, this technology will alert the user via push notification through a mobile application, and display a soothing message to alleviate stress. Current methods to combat hypersensitivity utilize a weighted vest to put pressure on the user to simulate a hug; however, issues lie in the heavy weight of the vest and unsightly appearance.

The goal of this project is to assess methods of detecting and alerting a user of high stress levels through the use of wearable biosensors. An experiment will be designed and conducted to collect data of normal and high stress biometric signals, which will be utilized in a machine learning model. A mobile application will then be developed to monitor biometric signals and notify the user and his or her guardian of these high stress levels when detected by the machine learning model.

Final Project Prototype

Final Project Prototype

Project Name
Quantitative Approach to Assessing Stress in Autistic Individuals (GAIA Phase 2)
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Michael Zona, mfzddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Brent Chase, bbc9935@rit.edu
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Brent Chase, bbc9935@rit.edu

Team Members

Team Members (From left to right): Erin, Jonathan, Joe, Eric, Syed Tousif, Michael

Team Members (From left to right): Erin, Jonathan, Joe, Eric, Syed Tousif, Michael

Member Administrative Role Engineering Role Contact
Syed Tousif Ahmed Trello / Slack Manager Lead Software sxa1056@rit.edu
Joe Strinka Purchaser Lead Hardware jrs5885@rit.edu
Michael Nixt Web Master / Conferences Lead Hardware mwn6003@rit.edu
Eric Gioe Communicator Software eag2109@rit.edu
Erin Coppola Notetaker Software / Research eec3769@rit.edu
Jonathan Amerault Facilitator Lead Research jla4525@rit.edu

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