P18026: Infant Incubator

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

During the Build Test and Prep Phase, the team was determined to get back on track with the project after winter break. The goal of the first two weeks of this semester were to reconvene after the Gate Review in the fall and solidify what components needed to be ordered so all team members would have work to do in the next phase.

The team met to determine key take-aways from last semester's Detailed Design Review an Gate Review as planned. From there, the team was able to get back on track with the project and determine as a group what components were high priority items and tasks as well as determined who would be doing what during the semester. A job gantt was created for the semester and can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Test Plan Summary

Although test plans were created and solidified prior to the Detailed Design Review in the fall, those Test plans began to take shape in the provided template in order to easily access engineering requirements alongside test plans and in the future, results. The test plans can be accessed throughout the EDGE website in a live document and will be updated throughout the semester.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Rick Assessment

The Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) allows for an in depth evaluation of any potential risks during the use of the product. When evaluating risks, a cause and effect are assigned in order to determine the root of the issue and define countermeasures to lower the potential occurrence.
Updated Assessment Overview
The document owner is Victoria Tripp.
Risk Assessment per FMEA Standards Part 1

Risk Assessment per FMEA Standards Part 1

Risk Assessment per FMEA Standards Part 2

Risk Assessment per FMEA Standards Part 2

Risk Assessment per FMEA Standards Part 3

Risk Assessment per FMEA Standards Part 3

The updated risk assessment document can be found here.

Problem Tracking

Thus far, no risks have manifested as problems, but if needed the template of the problem tracker can be found here.

Design Review Materials

For the remainder of the course, all review material will be presented through the team EDGE website along with any physically built components and testing results. No extra materials were needed for this phase review.

Plans for next phase

The team was able to successfully reconvene after break as well as welcome a new team member and bring them up to speed. Tasks and priorities were determined by each team member which allowed for the making of the semester job gantt as well as three week and full semester deliverables by each team member which can be seen here.

For the next review, the team hopes to have a majority of the purchasing out of the way in order to ensure build will be complete by Imagine RIT. The team hopes to complete as much electrical subsystem build as possible in order to allow proper testing time. The mechanical build will begin through testing the vacuum sealer in the construct as well as building proper molds for the incubator exterior. If testing is successful, the exterior build will have begun.

As individuals on the team, 3 week deliverables have been made for all team members whereas a list of semester deliverables have been made for the electrical engineering team members. The progress will be determined on when parts are received after purchasing. The document can be found here

Job Gantt

An updated job gantt for the semester can be seen below. The job gantt has estimated due dates for each task which are likely to change based on when components are received as well as incorporating any build and testing issues that may arise. A live job gantt can be found here.

MSD 2 Semester Job Gantt

MSD 2 Semester Job Gantt

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