P18027: Neonatal Medical Transport


Anticipated Cost Breakdown as of 16October2017

Using USD, and pricing for all new equipment and a new/lightly preowned vehicle the preliminary cost breakdown is:

Total Anticipated Cost~$140,000

This cost breakdown will continue to be updated, as more equipment is chosen and priced more accurately.

Live Bill of Material Documents

The bill of materials for both the full scale model planned for MSD II for Imagine RIT, along with the bill of materials that will be delivered to Honduras a a final breakdown for a working build are constantly changing.

To view the live bill of materials document for the MSD II build that is being updated regularly click Here

To view the live bill of materials document for a fully functional ambulatory transport unit click Here

In each document the total anticipated cost is at the top of the document. Cells highlighted in yellow are cost estimates that need to be investigated further for accuracy.

These documents are updated by the Angel's ARC team, but are maintained by Rebecca Bonamico and Charlee Lefkovich