P18027: Neonatal Medical Transport

Detailed Design

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Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase (Summary)

The goal of the detailed design review was to prepare for MSD II. Instead of focusing on the final deliverable to Honduras for this phase we focused on what will be needed to build a full scale mock up during MSD II. A Bill of Materials was made for a full scale mock up, as well as any parts needed for a proof of concept design for the bracketing system, and Neopuff modification.

Progress Report

Three Week Individual Plan

Continue to work on the testing protocol for the Neopuff modification
Create test plans for incubator bracketing system
Identify alternate oxygen mixer (one-sided)
Power calculations
Power design
All things electrical engineering
Subsystem requirements
Securement mock ups on CAD
Gantt Chart update
MSD II plan
Create Prototype and Final BOM Structure
Update team documentation
Chair design
Cabinet Design
Virtual Reality Model
Interior Design and 3D Model
Chair Design
Exterior CAD designs
Foam Tabletop Model
Cardboard Full Scale Model
Pricing on Patient Monitors
Update Risk Assessment
Update Edge site
Find small equipment pricing
Draft e-mail to area hospitals for donations
All members
Think about valve designs for Neopuff modification
Add to prototyping BOM and materials lists
Update prototyping BOM, and final deliverable BOM
Submit Budget request and justification to Industrial Design
Review existing documentation for gaps

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Proof of Concept/Space Models:

public/Detailed Design Documents/Schematics/04Dec2017_DDR/Incubator_cart.jpg

public/Detailed Design Documents/Schematics/04Dec2017_DDR/raised_roof-1.jpg

Schematics by Alexa Boyd

Test Plans for Engineering Decisions

NeoPuff Modification Test Plan by Austin Zeurcher: Test Plan Document

Test Plans for Other Systems by the Angel's ARC Team: Additional Test Plans

CAD Models for Visualization

Describe your design in enough detail for someone else to recreate it. Have you included assembly plans and user manuals? Your team may want to create separate nodes and directories within the Detailed Design Documents directory for CAD, schematics, or software

Bill(s) Of Materials

Prototype Bill of Materials (P-BOM)

This is the bill of materials for the full scale model, prototyping and testing that will happen during MSD II. This P-BOM does not include components that would be delivered to Honduras but is meant for a proof of concept during MSD II.


Click Here for the most recent P-BOM.

Maintained by Rebecca Bonamico and Charlee Lefkovich

Final Bill of Materials (F-BOM)

This is the bill of materials that encompasses all equipment and modifications that would be needed for Honduras to operate a fully functional ambulatory unit.


Click Here for the most recent F-BOM.

Maintained by Rebecca Bonamico and Charlee Lefkovich

Design and Flowcharts

Power Systems

public/Detailed Design Documents/Schematics/Power/04Dec2017/Inverter_analysis.JPG

public/Detailed Design Documents/Schematics/Power/04Dec2017/feasibility.JPG

public/Detailed Design Documents/Schematics/Power/04Dec2017/infrastructure.JPG

public/Detailed Design Documents/Schematics/Power/04Dec2017/figure_1.JPG

public/Detailed Design Documents/Schematics/Power/04Dec2017/figure_2.JPG

All Power System calculations, schematics, etc by Gage Ellis

Risk Assessment

Pictured below are some of the top risks assessed, their triggers and mitigation plans in ranking from highest risk to lowest

public/Detailed Design Documents/Risk.JPG

Click Here to view our live Risk Assessment document updated by Rebecca Bonamico and Charlee Lefkovich

Design Review Materials

Click Here to view the full Detailed Design Review Engineering presentation given on December 5, 2017.

Plans for next phase

Next Steps

MSD II Deliverables

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